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      "All right," said the Orderly. "Company, RightFace! Break ranksMarch!"

      The Deacon walked toward Co. Q's quarters, and presently saw the Orderly hand the Captain the order from the Colonel.

      "You won't get much pork, unless you're a good forager," said one of Si's friends he met at Louisville, and who had been a year in the service.

      much of a nest. But she is very useful to me, and I want you"Well, you've got to do it now every mornin', and be spry about it, too. Come, don't move around as if sawed out o' basswood. This ain't nigger-quarters. Git some springs in your feet."

      "And," continued Si, "I've got this board to make a sign to nail up over the door. Do you know how to spell Hoosier, Shorty?"

      "I remember that I did, Pap.""Go to the devil," said Shorty, making another slash at the roof with the ax.


      Mr. Hackett smiled rather pityingly. "With all respect to Counsel," he said, "I don't see that anything is to be gained by going on if Mr. Corveth is going to introduce an entirely new element."


      "Would you undertake to bring him in?""Well, he was buckin' agin a mighty good shot, and I'm surprised your pardner's alive. I wouldn't 've given three cents for him when Shorty drawed down on him; but Shorty's bin off duty for awhile, and his gun's not in the best order. Howsumever, I'm awful glad that it come out as it did. His life's worth a dozen rebels."


      Si Falls out With his Food 055"I thought I heard a little commotion down-stairs. It wakened me."